Aubade Coffee's Pender St location


If you are looking for AESIR filters, they are still available online, in select retail locations and through Amazon. 

We have some exciting new projects coming up, including Harken Coffee Roasting Company, opening Holidays 2019, as well as some things we will be announcing shortly. Stay tuned. 

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noun - a poem, song or composition relating to dawn, the break of day or lovers parting in the morning.        

Aubade Coffee began in late 2015 with a very simple premis: to make an effort to make every single cup of coffee as close to perfect as is possible. We brought in some of the best roasters from around the world, tested, fine tuned and experimented until we came up with a bew method we believe is the ultimate expression of a coffe's potential. 

What began with a very modest budget and a space that was made entirely by hand, over the course of four years we built into one of the most highly regarded coffee shops in the world. 

We unfortunately had to close the shop in 2019 to start working on other projects. Our focus now is on developing paper filters for coffee brewing that are better than any other on the market. Our Aesir brand filters are used by World Champions across the globe. We'll continue to innovate and keep pushing the science and art of coffee brewing forward. 

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